Thursday, November 22, 2007

My life and My Faith

Our group went to the Community Church last Wednesday night, we're invited by our spiritual adviser Mrs. Rose Adams. It was really great to see all my friends again. I've always filled the love and happiness. I Thank God for all the people that have touch my life. The meaning of my life is the love of God. God loves us with tough love... and that's the way we need to learn to love each other.

Jesus is ruler over all time and space, but he limited himself to enter human history at one moment of time and one certain place-both foretold by prophecy. The time God chose for my being on earth is significant. From him comes my awareness of the anguish caused in our century. From him comes my responsibility as a world citizen and prayer warrior.

Sometimes, I think one reason there's so much prejudice in the world is because we don't try to understand each other. We can discover an environment in which worship and wellness become a way of life.