Monday, August 9, 2010

Prayer for the day

Heavenly Father, bless our life together that by our fidelity and love for each other we may be witnesses of christ, your son. Bless our children as we pray for the grace to be loving parents to them. You willed us to be united that we may know how to manage material blessings, so that when we help those in need , they will see only your providence. In times of need, teach us to be humble so that we may know to admit and share even this that humiliates us. Keep us enlightened, so that we may see others - our relatives, our friends and all those that you send us, not as loads that can burden us but as souls that need to be nourished. Make us aware that our souls too can be nourished if we remain faithful in your love. Remind us to care for our body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, so that we may also learn to care for all your creation. Teach us to be simple and modest, so that our home and our family may reflect the trinitarian life in the Little House of Nazareth. Give us wisdom so that we may remain strong when we are called to defend what is right and what is good according to your will. Shower us with your love so that we may be channel that will bring this love to all. In moments of temptation, let us see Joseph, humble and faithful, knowing only to serve you. In moment of sorrow and despair, let us see Mary at the foot of the cross, desolate but ever obedient. In moments of suffering, let us see the face of Jesus, crucified the forsaken yet even more united to you - "God Yaweh". Mold us so that we may keep the flame of love always alive in our home. For the times we failed to love, we ask your mercy. We are nothing without you; but you are Love.
We entrust ourselves to you.
Help us, we pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.