Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My family, Betty and I went to the beach and enjoyed it!

Betty could not wait for me anymore to put her swimsuit and so she went and take out her
T-Shirt by her self and she played in the sand.

Camiling Tarlac

This is the garden of my auntie (Dra. Marietta) at the front of their house. It's really beautiful garden! I love it!
Betty watching the three Dalmatians dogs

This picture was taken during our visit to my auntie's place Dra. Marietta Delos Reyes in Camiling Tarlac, Philippines. My auntie has a three Dalmatians dogs and my doughier Betty love dog, my auntie could not give the live Dalmatians dog to Betty and so she decided to give Betty a big Dalmatians dog stop toy. The stop toy Dalmatians dog Betty bring back with her in Saipan. I would like to thank my auntie Marietta, Uncle Carmelo, and family for there kindness. We really have enjoyed our vacation and hope to see you all again on our next vacation.