Saturday, August 25, 2007

Betty Matson

August 25, 2007 At the beach
My youngest doughtier Betty has so much fun today at the beach.

Four Teachers of San Vicente

August 24, 2007 at the Club V.Post after the event of Micronesian Challenge
Mr. Angelo, Ms. Dian, Ms. Kathy and two other teachers of San Vicente Elem. School

Bill, and I went to the movie

Special day
Bill want to watch movie, but only if i go with him, so, i went with him on wednesday afternoon at the movie.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Another B-day celebration for Rep. Cinta

Rep. Cinta Kaipat, Bree, Angelo, Doug, and myself are in this picture. This picture was taken last Sunday at the Airport football Field.

Friday night

Sister Viola and Brother Gus

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Beloved Honorables Rep. Cinta Kaipat

Rep. Cinta Kaipat celebrate her birthday last Friday and they decided to go for Karaoke at Fiesta Resort, and i went with them too. Deputy Assistant secretary of Insular affairs David Cohen came to greet her a Happy Birthday.

Brother Gus and Me

Friday night at Fiesta Resort
I can't believe it! Finally brother Gus and I have decided to have a picture taken and we don't mean to wait for Madam Cinta's birthday to have a picture taken. It just a matter of time, i mean brother Gus and I usually the photographer for the group and we both love camera's. He's the camera man and i am the camera woman. So, i would like to thank our dear sister for taken this picture of us.

Overheat car!


My friend Angelo came at the house early morning on last Friday, and i was wondering why he's caring gallon. I ask him why he has gallon with him? he said he's car need water. He get the water and then went back to his car. I ask him if i could take a picture of him while putting water in his car? He didn't mind, so i did take a picture and so here it is, Angelo and his overheat car!

Smile and be happy

August 17, 2007I feel good and thank God for everything


I want to spend my time here on earth allowing God's light to shine through my life. God wants to use us to display his splendor. God says we're like priceless jewels. He wants to use to reflect his own light and beauty. God looks at us and sees a special treasure, a fine jewel. Sure, we all have imperfections. We live in an imperfect world. God does not intend us to be flawless in this life. Our created purpose is to let God's light shine through every facet of our being, expressing his colors and beauty through us in ways no one else can.

If you look at a ring under the microscope every day and become intimately familiar with flaw, you might be embarrassed by it. But that is not how God meant the beauty of diamonds to be seen. The beauty of a diamond is seen when someone holds it up in the sunlight and everyone can see it sparkle.

We are not to misuse our time on this earth, focusing on every little flaw within us. We are created to shine with the light of God's creative genius. Everything about you could be appreciated as a unique part of God's masterpiece of creation or despised as somehow inferior to someone Else's attributes, talents, abilities or situation.

When you appreciate yourself in all your uniqueness, you will dare to hold your life up to the light. You will dare to live out the beauty you were created to express. You will keep your life cleaned and polished with the forgiveness of God.

First time at Wing Beach

Saturday dated August 18, 2007Wing beach
My first time to go at Wing beach, and when i saw the beach, I could not stop my self, and all i can say is, It's a beautiful place! Thank God for this wonderful place that you created!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs

Friday night; August 17, 2007 @ 8:30pmA picture of David and myself
I was so please to have the privilege on Friday night of a special meeting with David Cohen (Deputy Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs). It was just myself, Angelo Villagomez, and Bree Reynold that meet with him, and thank you very much to Angelo Villagiomez for inviting me that night. He seemed to really value our thoughts on the Federal Take Over. It was nice to meet with him separately from the rest of the Filipino Community.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My opinion for the news today

I just could not believe it to read in the news today (Marianas Variety) about the 3 Filipinos that have not been renewed because of their participation for the Dekada Movement. Are you guys saying that your employers have not being fair? HELLO! Do you guys think that those employers of you will be happy to see their employees supporting the Dekada? If you guys do not want to lose your jobs it will be nice if you focused on providing good work to your employer rather than spending you energies on a group that seems more interested in having you leave your jobs and go to the US. One more thing, if Dekada really was just about human rights etc. they would have be working to assure that long-term workers had the privilege to remain in the CNMI to look for another job if they lose their jobs rather than on having the ability to leave your jobs and the CNMI. Also, if Dekada is about rights then why did they want to have rights start after 10 years? What type of "rights" group starts by excluding so many Filipinos and others from receiving the rights that the group want? I just really hope that those of us (Filipino) here in the CNMI will now realize that there no need to be in that group as they excluded so many from the protection and rights they wanted and now it looks like they can't even protect themselves. I bet they are going to use CNMI labor laws ( the same ones they think are so bad) to dispute their releases in an attempt to stay in the CNMI, though they want to leave for the US they do not want to leave and go home.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


God has given me a daily dose of his strength each morning. Each day he makes me newly aware of his gifts: A supportive and loving partner, Kids and Friends that who always their for me. Prayer is my expression of my relationship with God. Today i have an important decision to make. Surrender everything to God and not to worry for anything.

My very life is not my own. It is a "loaner", just like the car the dealership let me drive while my car is in the shop. I can drive the loaner, but only so long as they say so. The dealership holds the papers on it; I don't. The same thing is true of my life. God is the one who owns it, and he's just letting me "drive" it for him for awhile. My job is a loaner; my health, my talent and my ability to earn a living-all loaners! I can't boast about any of them.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sitting Down Without Fear

I learned from the Bible to trust in God and not be afraid. I have always felt comforted by reading the Psalms, specially Psalms 23 and 27. I learned to put my trust in God and to seek him as my strength. Long ago I set my mind to be a free person and not to give in to fear. I always felt that it was my right to defend myself if I could. I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear. When people done things that hurts me, i was thinking to fight for my right. I had made up my mind quickly about what it was that I had to do, what I felt was right to do. I did not think of being physically tired or fearful. After so many months of oppression, not giving up my seat-and whatever I had to face after not giving up-was not important. I did not feel any fear at sitting in the seat I was sitting in. All I felt was tired. Tired of seeing the bad treatment and disrespect of people. I felt the lord would give the straight to endure whatever I had to face. God did away with all my fear. It was time for some one to stand up and fight for what is right. If I don't defend my self, who else will defend me? No one else but God.

A New Start

We are a people with a future-not spiritual nomads or wanderers, but a people of purpose and destiny. The past is Over. The future stretches out before us full of promise and possibility. We are changed people-new people. Not avoiding decisions that must be made, nor running from responsibility because of the mistakes and failures in our past, we look toward a future based on a newness of heart created in us God.

No longer haunted by the past, we free to choose-to make new commitments and follow new direction. In our freedom we set new standards and find new strength by which to live. Experience gives wisdom; God gives new heart. Our past mistakes have taught us some valuable lessons, but God has given us a new life.

We have called upon our merciful God, repented, and begun to have the hope of a new heart and a new start-the beginning of a total renewal. What a relief! to know that we have a God who forgives-to know that we have a God who understands, and who can heal and help us. He will teach us his ways; he will make us more like himself; he will lead us in the right direction. For he says: "I will heal their waywardness and love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them". And if that weren't enough he adds these words: "their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more".

What a loving, compassionate God we serve! Society may expect us to walk in guilt and shame indefinitely, but we no longer conform to what the world says. We have been transformed! Our minds have been renewed by God's Word and our heart by his mercy. Our lives are changed by his love. No longer bound by guilt, no longer chained to our past and its shame-we are free!

Free to capture the vision of his Majesty. To seize the significance of our salvation. To catch a glimpse of his beauty and the reality of our redemption.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007