Thursday, December 13, 2007

My message to envelop ideas

Oh! really? Whenever you do something for the community you don't brag (not bragged) and you don't pose for a trash bag? You sounds familar to me now envelop ideas. I think I know who you really are. Why you have to use a different name? Well, I should not ask you that question because I know that you're not honest person. If I had a picture taken everytime the FMI did something for the community we would have our picture in the paper almost every week. When a picture is in the paper we hope it will cause people to volunteer to clean up other peoples trash on the Island we all share. We do not have our picture in the paper while being part of a cause that PITS one part of the people against another, we don't use our pictures to become BIG SHOTS, run for office nor do we get paid to do environmental work, all we do is CLEAN UP TRASH!
As to question, different people around do have different opinion on the big question of the day. Question like being concerned that changes to Laws will cause hardship to either workers or employers, which by the way a few people have even figured out that the Federal House Bill not only does not give access to the US to those of us who worked an non-residents for years in the CNMI but actually says the number of us in the CNMI will be reduced each year for 10 years when ALL OF HAVE TO LEAVE (unless the US extends it for another five years)! Now that is DEKADA (a decade)! Those who celebrated the passage of that version of the Bill either don't know what is in it or they do and were celebrating that big shot taking money of non-residents to change the Law could keep collecting money to keep working on making the changes some really wanted as what the ones trying to change the Law so far have done is get a Bill passed in the US House that would force all non-resident workers to eventually leave the CNMI, something that even the "EVIL" CNMI law did not do.

GET REAL envelop ideas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


My youngest daughter Betty is now one year old and ten months. She love to dance and also sing. Whenever she heard a music she smile and dance.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Better understand the Labor Law

To all my kababayan in Saipan,

It's really sad to see the children being used by adults for political purposes. We all know that as a Filipino that we can bring our U.S. Citizen children back to the Philippines. We all know that we came to Saipan for a better life and all parents including myself want a better life for our children. But we must know in our hearts that it is wrong to use our children for political purposes and lies (about can't take them home). The labor law will not separate the family at all!
How i wish that there could be someway for Filipinos to better understand the labor law. Beside we all know that no matter what the law is that there are not enought manpower (locals) here to do all the work. So jobs will always be available to us and eventually the locals will understand that. Maybe the law will even help the locals understand how important we are to the Island.


Nakakalungkot tignan na ang mga bata ay ginagamit nang mga magulang o mga matatanda para sa kapakanan nang politika. Alam nating lahat na bilang manggagawang Filipino at namamasukan dito sa Saipan ay puweding-puwedi nating iyuwe ang mga U.S. Citizen nating mga anak sa ating bansang Pilipinas. Alam din nating lahat na pumunta tayo dito sa Saipan para sa ikakaganda at ibubuti nang ating buhay at lahat tayong mga magulang gusto nating mabigyan nang mabuti at magandang kinabukasan ang ating mga anak. Pero mas alam naman natin sa ating PUSO na talagang mali na gamitin natin ang mga bata para sa kapakanan nang politika at kasinungalingan (gaya nang madalas sambitin na hinde natin puweding iyuwe ang ating mga anak sa sarili nating bayan). Hinde ako niniwala na ang bagong batas ngayon na ipinasa ay siyang magiging dahilan nang paghihiwalay nang mga anak sa mga magulang. Huwag tayong magbulagbulagan mga kababayan! Tayo ay kilala na matapang lalo na pag tungkol sa karapatang pangtao, ngunit tayo'y mag-isip at ipakita ang paggalang sa kapwa. Ang aking inaasam at parating ipinagdarasal na sana may masmabuting paraan upang maipaunawa sa lahat nang mga manggagawang Filipino ang tunay na kahulugan nang bagong batas nang Saipan (katulad ko, Isa rin akung manggagawang Filipino dito, ngunit naiintindihan ko at nirirespeto ko ang labor law nila dito sa Saipan). Alam nating lahat mga kababayan na walang sapat na manpower o local workers para sa lahat nang trabaho dito sa Saipan. Kaya marami pa rin ang trabaho para sa ating lahat at malay natin na sa pagkakataong ito ay maisip nang mga taga rito na kailangan nila tayo which is marami naman talaga ang nakakaappreciate sa atin dito. Malay din natin baka dahil dito sa batas na ito ay siyang susi para lalo pang tumibay ang ating pakikipagkaibigan sa mga taga rito. Mga kababayan huwag naman sana nating sirain ang magandang imahe nang ating pagiging Filipino. Dapat magmula sa atin bilang mga manggagawang Filipino gumalang tayo para tayo ay kanilang igalang din. Alalahanin natin wala isa man sa atin ang makakapagpabago nang batas nang Saipan. Kailangan nating magkaisa para sa ikakabuti nang Saipan para din ito sa ating lahat. Huwag sana nating igiit ang mga maling paniniwala!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Smile and always be thankful to God

Jeremiah 29: 11: "For i know the plans i have for you, plans to protect you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". I do really pray and hope that every one in this community will always remember this verse in the bible.