Wednesday, January 9, 2008


My message to flowcaty who comment in my blog:

Hi flowcaty! Thanks for your comment. In regards to your question. YES! I maybe subject to the 6 months vacation unless my employer complies with the law and so I will only have 2 months or maybe gone before then permanently if the US Immigration bill becomes law as written given that 10% of the non residence workers must leave the CNMI permanently each year until we all gone and can't come back (thank you to those who wanted a US take over).

Flowcaty, I'm not a resident of the CNMI. If I'm going to marry someone it is because I love him so much and he love me too not because I want to secure my residence here in the CNMI. Besides there's no law here in the CNMI to have a baby and be a residence of the CNMI. The child that born in the CNMI is already US Citizen and as a parent non residence workers here in the CNMI we can bring back home our US Citizen children's, to avoid having problem in the Philippines with taxes all we need to do is just complies with our law in the Philippines, Just get a form "REPORT OF BIRTH CHILD BORN ABROAD OF PHILIPPINE PARENT OR PARENTS" It's available at the Philippine Consulate 5th floor Nauru Building, Susupe. Honestly to you flowcaty, I'm not really concerned about those people who have self Interest, I'm more concerned to those people who want to continue working here in the CNMI LEGALLY. Job's are more Important than getting US Citizenship because as a Filipino Citizen I am one of the Filipino who's proud to be a Filipino! It's a privilege for our children that they where born here in the CNMI and got the US Citizen right away and that something we should be thankful for, and let's not keep asking more and more.

As educating you flowcaty you just see the above as to how the CNMI law works (2 months and not 6 months) and see how the US Immigration bill law works (everybody gone in 10 years). As to my friends which include non residence and residence PLEASE DON'T INSULT THEM OR I by saying they don't care. I have friends that do care but I respect that caring can be different things to different people.