Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Very busy for the month of April

Sometimes my life get so really busy without realizing that of all the things that I've done in life at the same time my family, worked and also helping the community it did made me think that I'm so special to him. God had created me for his own purposes and that's why i do really believe that I've mission to do. Yesterday morning my elder daughter Ciaralyn ask me to go to his class and read books with her, without thinking if i will be able to do it I just give my answered yes, i will go to their classroom and read books with her. It was fun reading books with her because she's a good reader and I love reading books also. When we get back to the house my youngest one Betty want to play with us and so we did played. I could not think anything except the happiness of my family every time I'm with theme, the world so perfect!

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