Friday, April 3, 2009

15 days of vacation in the Philippines

I was really glad and so happy to see my dad, brother and my sister at once again. I have spent most of my time at the house, but visit my favorite places to go, the most popular church Manaog, and I also went to Baguio and Binguit (La Trinidad). During my stay in my province I have notice the big different, because the whole province are really adopt the Environmental Project that I've been doing here in Saipan, I am really proud to my own hometown (the whole Province of Tarlac City) for caring the mother earth. Brgy. San Carlos Paniqui learn how to keep Clean and Beautify for there home and places. On April 28, 2009 I was one of the guest at my former Elementary School during the Graduation Night and I'm so really proud to heard from the salutatorian Graduate because her message is about poverty and environmental. It's important to have an education and poverty is not an excuse for not having education. We all need to work together to keep clean our own home town, environmental is important to educate the young kids. I feel so great and proud for my own home town and Province. God bless Philippines.

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