Sunday, August 19, 2007

Smile and be happy

August 17, 2007I feel good and thank God for everything


I want to spend my time here on earth allowing God's light to shine through my life. God wants to use us to display his splendor. God says we're like priceless jewels. He wants to use to reflect his own light and beauty. God looks at us and sees a special treasure, a fine jewel. Sure, we all have imperfections. We live in an imperfect world. God does not intend us to be flawless in this life. Our created purpose is to let God's light shine through every facet of our being, expressing his colors and beauty through us in ways no one else can.

If you look at a ring under the microscope every day and become intimately familiar with flaw, you might be embarrassed by it. But that is not how God meant the beauty of diamonds to be seen. The beauty of a diamond is seen when someone holds it up in the sunlight and everyone can see it sparkle.

We are not to misuse our time on this earth, focusing on every little flaw within us. We are created to shine with the light of God's creative genius. Everything about you could be appreciated as a unique part of God's masterpiece of creation or despised as somehow inferior to someone Else's attributes, talents, abilities or situation.

When you appreciate yourself in all your uniqueness, you will dare to hold your life up to the light. You will dare to live out the beauty you were created to express. You will keep your life cleaned and polished with the forgiveness of God.

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