Thursday, August 9, 2007


God has given me a daily dose of his strength each morning. Each day he makes me newly aware of his gifts: A supportive and loving partner, Kids and Friends that who always their for me. Prayer is my expression of my relationship with God. Today i have an important decision to make. Surrender everything to God and not to worry for anything.

My very life is not my own. It is a "loaner", just like the car the dealership let me drive while my car is in the shop. I can drive the loaner, but only so long as they say so. The dealership holds the papers on it; I don't. The same thing is true of my life. God is the one who owns it, and he's just letting me "drive" it for him for awhile. My job is a loaner; my health, my talent and my ability to earn a living-all loaners! I can't boast about any of them.

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