Friday, September 12, 2008

Nice to be back home at once again!

This is just for fun but turn out to be serious in the end!

Betty, Ciara and I went for vacation last August 18 and we just get back on 9/11 at 1:00 A.M. My two kids really enjoyed their time with my father and the rest of the family! It's a very long flight from Saipan to Manila but I am very thankful to our Dear Lord we're fine and we have a very safe journey coming back to Saipan. I missed blogging! So here I am could not really wait to share my good memories with my family in the Philippines. After a month in a half that my mom past away, theirs a time that i really miss her and i cried. Anyway, during my time in the Philippines, I decided to do some planting, so, I went to buy Plants and just for coincidence the owner of the Plants and landscaping it happen that my former classmate in high school. She and her husband did offer for free landscaping (not really bad!), just buy them the plants. I just could not believe it that Flomeria is the most popular plants in the Philippines now a days! It's always remind me of my special Friend.
One day, we went to the Mall in Tarlac City and I was really shock of what I get on that day whit out knowing, We we're walking inside the mall and so sadden one of the Sale's lady of Sonic Electronic hold my hand and say "Madam, your wearing our color of the day, and so we would like to invite you and try our product", I was not really in a hurry that time and so I did give her a chance to talk and listen to her about their product, when she's done talking, the manager came to me and holding so many envelops in her hands and ask me to pick one of the envelop, She didn't even explain to me about the envelop, for me is just for fun and so I pick one of the envelop and immediately open it without their instruction, I saw what is inside, it was just a two thousand pesos gift certificate, but at the back of the certificate it was the grand price. I thought nothing at all they just want me to have fun, but no i was totally wrong because I had won so many thing and not just a small amount of Items but it's a Grand Price! I have won the grand price at SONIC in Metro Town Mall. I had won one Massage Chair made in Japan, Facial Electronic Massage, and Electronic all purpose Cooker. Thanks to SONIC specially to Ms. Pacita!

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