Sunday, June 21, 2009

My two sisters, my brother Jojo and one of our friend

A year ago we just have lost our beloved mother and now we have loss our beloved nephew Rommel (my sister charing son), which is really very painful for me, he was the most closes nephew I ever had. I can't forget how really nice and kind my nephew is to me and to my parents and to my two daughters as well. I know that he want us to be together as a family now. No matter what happened in life we know that we all in one. Through the years my eldest sister Charing and myself are both working abroad, that's why we hardly see each other, but this time we finally get sometimes together with our brother and other sister Delia. We went to the church in Manaoag, have break past in BULALOHAN, and we also went to SM in ROSALES Pangasinan. I noticed that they really enjoyed what I have done for them during the time that I was with them, we're all so happy then! We miss our brother Rey which he left here in Saipan. I will make sure that one day we will take our vacation at the same time and we will gave time to our father. Our father was really jealous when he found out that we went to Manaoag and SM Rosales. I don't know what to do or to say when he found out about it, but I said sorry to my dad. I really think I owe my father big one which is hard for me because I don't have anymore time to bring him anywhere, because the next day it was the day to go manila for our flight. My sister charing and I left our house at the same time on Friday afternoon Thank God for bringing me back safe, as well as my sister charing arrived in Israel safe.

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