Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prayer for OFWs

I offer prayers for those who have left for foreign lands, especially those who are now in CNMI to find work in order to improve the condition of their family. Keep their faith in YOU strong that they may bear with patient love their loneliness in being away from their loved ones, their own familiar culture and our own country. Bless each families and homes that even in this temporary moment of separation, we may all remain united in our love and fidelity to you and to one another. May we take our problems to you with whom we can find a sure guide and help in our every need. BLESS ALL OUR HARD WORK AND SACRIFICES so these may become pleasing to you and lead them to greater dependence on you, the Giver of every good gift and Source of all our strength. Keep us all under your care and protection. Be with us all in our struggles and difficulties. By the witness of our Christian Lives, may we draw other peoples to you especially those who do not believe so that they themselves may become missionaries who spread the Christian faith to other Countries. May we return to you always with praise and thanksgiving in our hearts. Amen

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