Sunday, June 14, 2009

Narita Japan

I left Saipan this morning and right now I'm at Narita Japan. while waiting for my flight going to Manila, I'm staying inside the DELTA sky club here at Narita Airport. Glad to have this access of Internet at least I can do some of my work. I was really busy for the whole weekend for our group activities but because of the weather we had to canceled our two cleanups, even though we already at the place where we suppose to do the cleanup, HEAVY RAIN came! we waited for a while and let the RAIN to stop but it didn't for an hours. I always try and gave my very best to do my volunteer work for so many years now, I also been the President for 4 years, I really been thinking of stepping down for I know that some active member should be stepping in because I also believe that some other member should have a chance to be the President. I have ask to the members about my plan but they don't want my idea. Anyway, I told them, sooner or later we all have to go back to our own LAND, and I am very thankful that we have come to Saipan and shared our goal in life like community services during our days off. It's always great when you know how much you work hard for something and people realize that you are valuable person. It's always a blessing when you find the true friendship. 

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See you when you get back!