Saturday, July 21, 2007


For most of life, i think we fight God. We keep trying to show him what we were made for. We keep giving him better ideas. We keep working for something bigger & greater than anything he seems to have in mind. For many of us, by the time we are in mid-life, we feel we somehow have missed out on some of the great things we were born for. We fight with God most of everything. God made me not to impress everyone. Not to be on book covers. Not to be an authority. Not to be perfect or a genius. God made me with special ideas in mind. God made me to be real. To be honest. To be open. To never compare myself to anyone, but to strive to become my own best person. To have character & dignity.


CNMI Blogger said...

Very profound! Some of my best writing comes late at night when everyone's asleep and the house is all quiet. Keep it up!

Marites said...

Madam, i can't thank you enough for everything you do and said, you're one of the reason why i have the courage that i have now. you made me more stronger. someone like you who give a good advice is really a blessing. I am very thankful madam for everything that you do for me and also for the group.

I love you madam!