Monday, July 23, 2007


Dreams make the difference between living a life and really living a life. But some of us, caught up in the busyness of life, have forgotten how to dream. Here are some suggestions:
Identify where you want to grow and then start dreaming about possibilities for getting there. My comment, " We must dream, because we are made in the image of him who sees things that are not and wills them to be." Find a quit spot. Sit back and let your thoughts roam. What has God already done in your life? What might he still do? Consider, just for a moment, What isn't but could be. Dream beyond where you are.

Dreams begins with asking such questions as, " if you could do anything you wanted with an extra hour today, what would it be?" Sometimes dreams have their roots in the past. " When you think back over your childhood, what did you do with your spare time? Dreams also peer around the corners of our lives and right into the places where we live, [giving us] clues as to how we can grow. Identify where you want to grow. Then start dreaming a dream for your life and make a plan.

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